About Love

What they say about love is true. It’s both the best and worst feeling ever. You will fall head over heels, and you will be utterly devastated by it. Love is wonderful, strange, desire and abandonment all at once.

My Mother and Me

I came out to my mom when I was 23. I showed her a picture of a girl I was dating who could pass off as a male at times. She exclaimed “He’s short, but pretty good looking,” and jokingly, I replied “She’s cute, right?” Her eyes grew wide, and I could almost hear her heart rate as it skyrocketed.


I knew I was a little different since I was young. I realized that I seem more inclined towards guys. Back then, I’ve never heard of the term “gay” before. But it didn’t affect my life, because I thought, who knows what goes on in my mind?