Looking beyond your world

Our diverse stories offer you a glimpse into the everyday experiences of queer Asians across the globe.

Coming Out To My Parents

It’s tough for me to continuously lie to my parents that I will marry a girl. My principle is — I would rather be honest with someone so that I don’t have any issues with them.

Hope for the Community

I am Dylan and I’m in my mid-30s this year. I am a self-identified closeted gay graysexual, and I also belong to a minority race in Malaysia.

Another Unrequited Love Story

I am in love with my straight best friend and this is our story. I identify as a lesbian and growing up, I lived in a modern household where my parents accepted who I was with little issues.

I Am Normal Too

“I am normal too” — these are the words that I have repeated to myself far too many times. I repeat them when I look at the mirror as I am getting ready to go out.


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