About Love

A man telling his story about love in different forms

What they say about love is true. It’s both the best and worst feeling ever. You will fall head over heels, and you will be utterly devastated by it. Love is wonderful, strange, desire and abandonment all at once.

Before I turned 15, I could only fathom love as an emotion shared between a happy man and woman couple. I was naive and I blame Disney for it. So, I thought I could only find love by finding a girlfriend. But a guy stole my first kiss instead. Since then, I began a journey of self-discovery in the realm of sexuality.

In a series of ups and downs over the last decade, I can’t say that I have never experienced love even though I am currently single. My beloved ex and I shared many wonderful moments together.

We fell in love and ventured into parenthood with two lovely conures. But there were moments where we fought and shouted, and there were also moments to be cherished fondly. However, in all frankness, it ended and I was devastated for a while.

For the longest time, it didn’t occur to me that love can also be found in other forms. I have friends who love me, and vice versa. My mum, in spite of her homophobic attitude, is trying her best to understand me by checking up on me. I used to think I was unlovable and I needed to learn to love myself again. And I do — just not fully yet.

For this Valentine’s Day, remember that you are not deprived of love — just turn around, look at the people who stand by you and support you from the back.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. We all deserve to be loved unconditionally.

— Ray Tang