Dear You

Dear you, have I been forgotten? 
I don’t remember you even though I tried to.
Dear you, did my existence manifest hate?
I can’t help it, but anger reflects me.
The story of you, I heard of it:
But like echoes, undetermined;
The story of you: it slowly faded,
Unlike these scars; I’m bleeding.

Dear me, am I broken?
I don’t remember how to smile even though I tried to.
Dear me, do I look like him?
Why am I feeling the most pain?
Dear me, am I hopeless?
Like losing air, I can’t breathe.
But this I remember:
It took me years to unfold.
I spoke up, you looked down.
I stood there shaking;
You left me thinking it was my fault for years!

Dear you, I told you he was a man,
A man that you knew, and he did something to me.
You shook and laughed. I was mortified.
Dear you, this was not the first time. 
Couldn’t you see that I was crying when you asked me to stay with him for the summer? 
You saw me smile. If only you knew. 
Dear you, I was silenced by uncertainty.
The headache was pulsing and spiralling; 
I was suffocating.

I laugh about it now, even though it took me years to forget;
That feeling never left me.
I talk about it now, even though it pains me;
It’s the only way to get over it.
I was full of anger, but I am on the journey of love:
It’s full of kindness and hope.
I am proud, and I am out; 
I am in love — your love that is pure and unconditional.
I am good, my life is really good now.

— Kevin