Love Yourself

I’m Shane. I’m a transgender man from Malaysia. One of my early childhood memories involved me telling people that “I don’t wear skirts.” Luckily, I was never forced by my family to wear them unless there were occasions where I needed to, eg: school.

I’m an introverted old soul who thinks deeply about life. To be honest, it’s hard for me to find profound social connections as not all people are deep thinkers. Nevertheless, I find acceptance in the new age movement where all sorts of spiritual practices are accepted. In this community, people believe that souls are genderless. So, it’s okay to feel differently from your assigned sex, and it’s okay to love someone who is of the same sex. 

The Universe and angels love you for who you are. You are deeply loved; your existence is celebrated and you have not sinned. You are a brave and powerful spirit who wishes to experience human life. 

— Shane