My First Girl Crush

Maybe it was her long, dark hair. Maybe it was her cute Australian accent. Maybe, just maybe, it was the way she looked at me when someone asked her a question, because she didn’t know how to reply. But, I fell for her. Through the boring science lessons and the fun social studies classes, we made witty comments and laughed our asses off. 

The thing is, I didn’t understand my feelings for her. I knew that she was more than a friend but didn’t know what she was. The burning rage I felt when boys flirted with her was the worst. The way she spoke made me want to grab her face and kiss her. 

But, I didn’t understand my feelings. Damn it, I was confused. And when I worked up enough courage to tell her how I felt, she had already left: she moved back to Australia without a single text or note. 

Some say I should forget about her, but she was my first love, and I will always cherish our time together. Because no matter what happens, I get to look back and think about the time we had so much fun in art class that the teacher separated us and the times where we hung out at my house and just laughed all day. Maybe she’ll see this, maybe she won’t, but she’ll always be my first girl crush. 

— Ana