Proud of Queer Myself

I am Chloe, a very loud and promiscuous panromantic homosexual! I am proud of who I am, and comfortable in my own skin. Arguably, my experience in the queer community has been a pleasant one from the start, as I was able to find a like-minded community as soon as I accepted my sexuality.

My childhood was an unpleasant one with plenty of domestic strife, but I was able to grow up with a great cartoon: Avatar. As you may remember in 2014, the Legend of Korra made queer history with Korra and Asami being confirmed as a couple. That year, I had just turned 14. It was the year that I found out and accepted the queer side of myself. Seeing such representation was extremely overwhelming for me, as it was and still is my favorite show.

Seeing such a bold move done by the creators, I couldn’t help but think of the other people around the world who were like me — being able to see themselves on the screen. The courage to speak up and give a voice to the community is something that we, as queer people, have to fight for every single day.

As we celebrate pride, we should look back and appreciate the queer individuals and allies who fought for our cause. Without them, the youth of today wouldn’t be able to experience an increasingly accepting world, where every boy, girl, and everyone in between and beyond can see themselves and find their own role models who are just like them.