To Be Treated Equally as a Transgender

Like every other transgender person, I always want to be perfect; the “Miss Everything”. 

My name is Megan and I am a transgender woman. I started my transition when I was 16 years old. Before I underwent HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), I loved to wear lady clothes and wigs—I felt so good about being myself in front of the mirror. 

It was never tough for me to start my transition to become a transgender woman, as I was given a female name at birth —Megan Steven— and I have a female voice naturally, even without undergoing any surgery. 

Here is my story: Back in high school, I was a cool kid but most of the boys didn’t like me because I was a sissy. They bullied me—pouring water on me when I entered the toilet; throwing my stuff from the third floor; teasing me in front of everyone. Because of these experiences, I developed a bit of a phobia towards men. Besides that, my parents never felt proud of me whenever I received an award. 

Being the best in everything was never good enough for them, all because I was sissy. 

My father didn’t approve of me being transgender. He cut up all my wigs and dresses. He even burned them too. I’m the eldest of all; I had to always try my best to be the role model for my siblings.  

Life isn’t easy as a transgender woman. I’m always being rejected for job interviews due to my gender. An interviewer who was the owner of the company once said:  “I would rather hire a stupid girl instead of a smart transgender”. I have also experienced sexual harassment by men a few times. Trying so hard to protect myself, I sometimes worry about my safety living in this country. The more you try to protect your rights, the more you need to worry about your safety, even though we have laws.

They say being transgender is a sin.

They say COVID-19 is caused by there being too many transgender people and they are against God’s will.

They say catastrophes are caused by the transgender community.

They look down on the capabilities of the transgender community.

They say transgender people don’t belong in this world.

They say transgender people shouldn’t exist.

They want to banish the transgender community from this country.

They want the death penalty for the transgender community.

They put the blame towards the transgender community.

The transgender community has been a sex object for the society here. Humans will always judge and assume when they first lay their eyes on you. It’s sad to know how society is being brainwashed by culture and religion. To make things worse, the way that they describe being transgender is horrific. We all want to be normal, to be treated equally. We don’t want to be unseen, but sadly this is how life is.

— Megan Steven