My First Girl Crush

Maybe it was her long, dark hair. Maybe it was her cute Australian accent. Maybe, just maybe, it was the way she looked at me when someone asked her a question, because she didn’t know how to reply. But, I fell for her. Through the boring science lessons and the fun social studies classes, we made witty comments and laughed our asses off. 

Proud of Queer Myself

I am Chloe, a very loud and promiscuous panromantic homosexual! I am proud of who I am, and comfortable in my own skin. Arguably, my experience in the queer community has been a pleasant one from the start, as I was able to find a like-minded community as soon as I accepted my sexuality.

My Mother and Me

I came out to my mom when I was 23. I showed her a picture of a girl I was dating who could pass off as a male at times. She exclaimed “He’s short, but pretty good looking,” and jokingly, I replied “She’s cute, right?” Her eyes grew wide, and I could almost hear her heart rate as it skyrocketed.