Coming Out from Closet

I was always partially aware of my sexual orientation while growing up, ie I am attracted to men despite being a boy. I started coping with my surroundings by trying to act straight, because showing feminine traits often led to the nicknames given to people in the LGBTQ+ community within this “so-called perfect society.” Therefore, I hid in a deep closet—killing my inner desires of wanting to proudly shout that I am gay—for a whole 19 years. 

Being Gay, Indian, and Living in the Lion City

Charming and inquisitive, Mukul is a 28-year-old Indian who moved to the cosmopolitan city of Singapore to embark on his career as an immunology researcher. As he reminisces about his past in India and how he came to terms with his identity, Mukul also shares about finding love amid the global pandemic, and his volunteering experiences in an organisation that provides free HIV testing for the LGBTQ+ community.