Who Are We?

Our stories are real.

Growing up as queer Asians, we are often told two things. First, queerness has no place in society as it is against Asian values. Second, being queer causes us to be ignored and sidelined, so much so that we become invisible in most aspects of our lives — politically, socially, and culturally.

This is where Queer Asian Project comes in. We realise that stories are a powerful tool to connect and inspire people as they can help us evoke emotions and relive memories, while making sense of the world.

Since Queer Asian Project was launched in March 2020, we have been focused on highlighting as many stories as possible from queer Asians across the globe. These stories are told by everyday people who experience their lives in a myriad of ways. They are about dreams, courage, loss, struggle, survival, love, and ultimately, transformation — all of which are published on our Facebook and Instagram as well.

Whether your story is expressed through a poem, a prose, or an opinion piece, your voice matters.

So, if you feel inspired or have a thought that you wish to express, submit it by clicking on the link below.

We believe in…

The power of storytelling and how it can connect and inspire people.

We create…

A digital communal space for queer Asians to share their personal experiences, opinions, and perspectives.

We want…

To raise visibility and representation for queer Asians through storytelling.

We share stories that are…


Grounded on personal and authentic experiences


Reflect various aspects of our lives


Contributed by different genders, sexualities, and nationalities

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